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You will find our garage door tips valuable! They are meant to help many people and that's why we have chosen to write tips that would interest the majority of you. You all need some fresh tips about garage door maintenance as well as safety tips. We offer the very best. A comprehensive list of garage door repair tips. Brought to you courtesy of the professionals of our company. Get some new ideas about garage doors, which panels to choose and why. Learn how to maintain garage door parts without hurting yourself. Do you find it hard to make some garage door decisions? Get help from the following tips 

  • Make sure the cables are strong

    Garage door cables are vital for the movement of the door. They're the helping hands of the garage door springs. If they break, the door won't open. If they're loose, they door won't move right or might get jammed. Make sure they are in their right place and are also strong, or else have them replaced.

  • Trust your ears

    Some problems can be diagnosed using your ears. Sometimes just opening the garage doors and standing close enough – but not too close – to detect any unusual sounds, can do the trick. Most garage doors open silently, so any popping or creaking sounds may indicate that something is wrong with your system.

  • Make sure the weather seals are fine

    Don't underestimate the great importance of weather seals. They're put all over the garage door in order to close the tiny gaps between the door and the jamb. This way, the garage keeps good temperatures and is clean from elements that might come in from a worn bottom seal. Check and replace them often to avoid issues.

  • Clean the garage opener remote regularly

    You need to remove any dust and dirt stuck around the buttons and around the plastic cover of the infrared unit. Clean the cover itself as well. Remove the batteries and clean the battery compartment and contacts with a bit of apple cider vinegar.

  • Keep Extra Batteries with Garage Door Instructions

    You will always run out of garage door batteries at the most inopportune time, so keep an extra pack with the garage door instructions. This will ensure that they never get lost.

  • Do not stand or move under a moving garage door

    When a garage door is moving, whether it is opening or closing, do not stand under it as it can pin you down when it gets some failure in its mechanism. The function of the garage door can be unstable so we should not be too confident and we should be careful when handling it.

  • Read the manual

    Manuals are intended to be read by users to provide information on a device's features, operation, and maintenance. Our company recommends that users read the garage door's manual to know and learn the door's emergency release feature and how to use it. This is very important especially when emergencies occur and professionals may not be readily available.

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