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How do I reprogram a garage door opener remote control?

The remote control may need to be reprogrammed when the garage door opener refuses to work when using it. The best way to do this is to check the reprogram instructions in the user manual. Most door openers follow the same simple steps for programming. Usually, this can be done by holding down the remote’s open button while simultaneously holding down the programming button and releasing it.

What do I get from a steel garage door?

A steel garage door, when properly installed, does not need too much maintenance procedures all year through. Our company has pre-painted steel doors with variety of designs that will only require cleaning the exterior part with a regular soap and warm water, at least once a year. Steel doors offer durability and security for a long time as well.

What safety features are available on a garage door opener?

All garage door openers sold today must have in-built safety features which prevent the door from closing if an obstruction is detected. Many also have an auto-reverse and anti-drop system; others have more child friendly features such as pinch proof panels to ensure the maximum safety of your family. Obviously care should still be taken with your opener, encouraging children not to play near the garage door and keeping pets a safe distance away.

How do I choose the right garage door opener?

In order to choose the suitable door opener, you have to determine the construction first and the size or dimension of your garage door. Doing so will help you a lot in determining the type of drive and size of the motor required for lifting the door. Additionally, you should also measure the clearances on the sides and on top of the door opening. This will help you identify where to mount the door opener.  Ideally, there should be enough clearance or space in the area surrounding the door opener. It should not hit any solid structure when it opens. Besides this, it is also recommended to know the features, safety devices and other accessories of your chosen garage door system.

Should I get rollup or sectional doors?

The choice of garage doors has to do with the space at your property. Sectional doors are practical and easy to be replaced in sections but you must have the appropriate space in the ceiling. Otherwise, choose a roll up that won't need space at all.

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