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Liftmaster and Genie Opener Types and Models: Which Goes Where

07/05/2015 Back To Blog

We believe that our workmanship is only as good as the products we're using. Yes, we might have the most skilled technicians and employ the best methods, but if we use sub-standard hardware, then it's never a job well done. Having been in the industry for many years, we here at Garage Door Repair Santa Clara have used many garage door parts and automatic opener systems, and the best openers by far are those from Liftmaster and Genie Opener Types and Models: Which Goes Where

However, there is no single best manufacturer out of the two. Some models and makes are so-so, while others are highly recommended. There are many types of garage door opener systems and here we show you which manufacturer shines in each type.

Screw-Drive Type Models

Most of our maintenance and repair calls come from structures using the screw-drive type door openers. This type requires a lot of care and maintenance, but screw-drives are usually the most affordable ones. The technology used with this type is old, so we always suggest replacing these types of openers with other models. If you rarely use your garage door opener, then it's okay to stick with it, but if you use your opener a lot, be prepared to face a lot of maintenance issues with this one. Genie and Liftmaster make the most durable screw-drives of them all, and it can last around 4 to 5 years, with regular maintenance. The main problem with screw-drive types is that the self-lubricating housing for the screws wear out easily with regular use, and after the housing stops working, you need to regularly grease the screws manually, which is a lot of work.

Chain Drive Models

As the name suggests, chain drives are openers that use a chain as an opening mechanism. For chain drive opener installations, we recommend Liftmaster among all manufacturers. Others are just too loud when opening, and the chain requires a lot of maintenance. The problem is that when your garage doors open, the chain usually slaps against the rail, creating noise and wearing out the chain in the process. Liftmaster's products are quieter, and doesn't require a lot of work and repair. We love Liftmaster's 1300 series in particular because it is durable enough to handle heavy doors.

Belt-Drive Models

Most models we install nowadays are belt-drive types, and the ones that are most reliable are from Genie and Liftmaster. There is a lot of negative feedback on belt-drives, but this comes mostly from people who install openers on their own. We discourage DIY installations with belt-drive types because there is no single best model out there. Different models work for different types of garage doors, and installing the wrong one means wasting the money you spent on purchasing the model. We usually do a thorough inspection of the garage door, the door frame and all other important components before deciding which belt-drive is compatible.

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