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Change Your Life with Electric Openers

09/14/2013 Back To Blog

People, who still operate their garage doors manually, are under the impression that the only benefit of electric garage door openers is their activation with the help of remotes. Though, modern units have plenty more operations and can certainly make your life much easier and safer. At older times, the purchase and electric garage door installation required a lot of money but today the costs have been reduced. According to the specialists at Garage Door Repair Santa Clara, these doors have so many advantages and offer so many amenities that they are worth the extra cost.

Automatic openers, big changes

It is worth spending more today to ensure the easy access of the whole family into the house and the safety of your kids when they are playing around the garage door. After all, this is the 21st century and technology keeps surprising us with new products and accessories, which do not only make our lives better and easier but also much more secure. Why shouldn't you have the same privileges?
* When you are pressing the garage opener remote, you know the car will enter or exit the house within seconds. The quick access in a rainy day will keep you protected and when the kids come home late, you know that they don't have to step out in the dark.
* Remote controls help you gain time and avoid the trouble of opening the door manually.
* Your car and all possessions you keep in the garage will be perfectly protected since the automatic door closes perfectly on the floor and modern remotes have rolling codes.
* The minute you will press the remote the lights in the garage will be turned on and, hence, you can move around easily.
* You have full autonomy because the latest openers have a backup battery that will enable you to operate the door even if the power is out.
* You don't have to put up with noisy openers any longer since the belt drive garage door opener is completely silent.
* The door will automatically close on its own with a timer.
* New remotes are fantastic! A multicode remote can operate many openers and new technologies keep evolving and so now you can control the door from afar.
* The safety features will keep you completely safe from accidents or even fire because there are sensors, which detect smoke, too.

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