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Basic Garage Door Opener Differences

09/14/2013 Back To Blog

Most people know that there are many reliable manufacturers, which produce supreme quality garage door openers and the amazing range of different products offers consumers the chance to choose carefully in respect to their own personal requirements. Openers are the only parts of the mechanism with brains and important matters concerning your security and safety, speed and noise level of the system would depend on their good condition. Experts at Garage Door Repair Santa Clara recommend the investment of great quality units for family homes.

Look out for the ideal opener characteristics

* The horsepower of the opener would determine the strengths and longevity of the unit. When you get a very powerful system, you can be sure that you will keep it for many years even if you replace the door in the near future.
* Although, the latest units are better looking than the older ones, you shouldn't care about the aesthetic appearance of openers.
* On the contrary, the noise levels make a difference, especially to people who are at home all day long or work by the garage. Most people choose a chain drive garage door opener but if the noise drives you crazy, you should select a belt or screw drive opener.
* These days, most modern openers embody various features but the secret is comparing different models and prices to end up with a good model, which would include most significant features focusing on the safety ones. Safety sensors would already be included but you should consider light sensors or the timer significant ones for your overall security.
* If your neighborhood and home experience power failure often, you should definitely get openers with backup batteries because you can be sure of the normal operation of the door even when the power goes out.
* It is highly unlikely to get a super modern opener and old fashioned remote controls but in order to be sure, check that the remote is working with rolling codes and can activate as many openers as you think are necessary for your home.

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